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    Ving Rhames’ 15 Minute Workout

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    You probably know Irving “Ving” Rhames by his signature baritone voice or large stature.  The Harlem, New York actor first appeared on Broadway in the play “The Winter Boys” in 1984 and has continued to entertain with many roles on the big screen in films like “Mission Impossible”, “Baby Boy”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Undisputed.” It was that last role in which he played a boxer that Ving bulked up his already muscular physique and trained off and on for two years getting in top physical boxing shape.

    Boxing can be an incredible workout, but you don’t need to take two years to do it.  Here’s a Ving Rhames boxing workout that you use to tone your body in just 15 minutes a day:

    Minute 1-3: Jump Rope

    If you don’t have a jump rope, you can mime the movement by circling your hands and hopping foot to foot.
    Begin slowly; increase your speed and intensity as your body begins to warm up.

    Minute 4: 1 Minute Plank

    Come to your hands and knees in “table top” position.
    Press into your palms and lift your knees so your weight is resting on your palms and toes (push up position).
    Keep your body in a straight line, like a “plank” of wood.
    Hold for 1 minute. (If you can’t hold this position for the full minute, drop your knees to the floor for a brief break then lift again. Keep your eyes on the floor & don’t sad in the middle)

    Minute 5-7: Shadow Boxing

    1) Hold 1-pound hand weights and come into a boxing stance by bending your elbows with the weights near your face, firming your core with your knees slightly bent.
    2) Start with a jab (short punch with your left hand), then immediately follow with a cross (punch with your right hand).
    3) Get your rhythm down by twisting at your waist as you throw the jab and cross evenly, one after the other with no stopping in between.
    4) Make sure to keep your core tight.
    5) After you’re comfortable with the rhythm, speed it up but keep the movements even and controlled.

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