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    4 Signs You’re Blow Drying Your Hair All Wrong

    blowdryer and hair

    Want salon bouncy beautiful hair, but can’t seem to figure out how to get it? You can kiss the hot mess you make when you try to recreate that look at home goodbye! Your first mistake usually starts at the blow drying process. Here are some of the most common errors that we make when trying to get our glamorous locks straight.

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    1. No Heat Protection 

    Did you say you skipped this step, don’t have any left or don’t like the way it smells?! There is simply just no good excuse. Heat protectant is necessary when using heat tools of any kind on your hair.  Lightly spritz hair with the heat protectant spray and comb evenly through hair BEFORE applying the dryer.

    2. No Sections 

    As if blow drying your hair isn’t a tedious task as it is. Why would you ever attempt to do it without sectioning it first. Section your hair into minimally 4 sections. This will help you ensure that you are drying all of your hair, and wont have wet patches. Sectioning your hair will also keep your dried hair separated from your wet hair.


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