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    15 Reasons Married Sex Is Better

    8. The Results Are In!
    You’ve both been tested for STDs and you’re in a monogamous love nest, so now the nerve-wracking risk is gone!

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    9. Booty Call
    Booty calls are never far away. In fact, one is probably down the hall from you right now!

    10. Laughing In The Bedroom
    Before you really know someone, a bedroom snafu can be embarrassing. With your husband/wife, you can try something and if it fails, laugh instead of feeling self-conscious.

    11. He/She Wants To Please You
    If you’ve been married to your mate for awhile, he/she knows how to turn you on. And even if those turn ons have changed slightly, they want to please you. Say goodbye to selfish one-night stands.

    12. No Pretending
    You don’t have to pretend to be into that weird acrobatic move or that tiring role-play narrative if you’re just not feeling it.

    13. Practice Makes Perfect
    You have no reason to hold back. By now you’ve become one another’s gifted sex god and sex goddess.

    14. Work Hard, Play Harder
    He’ll do any chore you ask if he knows nookie is coming right after.

    15. The ‘Breakfast’ Of Champions
    Morning sex anytime you want it, you share the same bed! You might have to set your alarm a little earlier, but it’ll be worth it.


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