21 Ways To Make Walking Fun

couple walking

There was a time when walking was fun…you just may not remember it! When you first learned how to walk, it was new and exciting. You could move around like the “big people” and get into stuff. Now, walking is routine, but even more important. Walking can get you healthy and help keep you that way, and getting in your recommended 30 minutes a day of movement doesn’t have to be a chore or boring.  Here are 21 fun ways to step your walking game up – no more excuses! Take the three week challenge and try a different one every day. See your body and mind transform!

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1. Walk with a friend.
Take a walk with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile and use that time to play catch up. The time will fly by!

2. Start or join a walking group.

Sites like Meetup.com make it easy to find other people in your area that want to get out and walk. For the ladies, check out GirlTrek and walk with your local group (or start your own team!).