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    21 Ways To Make Walking Fun

    Your daily walk is a great time to listen to an audio book.

    12. Make it a lunch date.

    Use part or all of your lunch break to take a walk. Not only will you get in your walk, but you’ll relieve some workday stress!

    13. Learn something new.

    Watch/listen to a tutorial on Youtube about how to do something you’ve been meaning to learn.

    14. Explore a neighborhood.

    Take a walk on the other side of town and see some different sights.

    15. Window shop.

    Walk around the mall or in the downtown area of your city and see what sales you can find. You just might walk yourself right into a deal!

    16. Buy new walking shoes.

    Something about new shoes automatically makes walking more fun.

    17. Get romantic.

    Take an evening stroll with your ‘boo’ and build more intimacy in your relationship.

    18. Take your children.

    Walk with your kids, or any young people in your life, and hear what they have going on. Talk about school, friends, music, etc.

    19. Take the long way to work.

    If you commute by train or bus, get off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. It’s a perfect way to get centered before getting into you j-o-b.

    20. Get dessert.

    All things in moderation, right? But, if you want dessert, you’re gonna have to earn it! Walk to a yogurt or ice cream spot and your treat will be the reward. Extra points if you walk back after.

    21. Walk for a cause.

    Diabetes. Breast cancer. Lung disease. Put your miles to good use by walking in a charity walkathon. You may walk more than you thought possible by not just walking for yourself.


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