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    How To Create A Birth Plan

    pregnant coupleIf you’re pregnant, listen up! Creating a birth plan may be one of the most important things to do during your pregnancy. It’s important to outline what you want for the birth of your baby and to make sure those around you know your desires as well. A birth plan is a summary on how you would like your labor to be carried out. This may include where you would like to have your baby, who you would like to be by your side during the labor, what kind of atmosphere you want and your feelings on medicines and procedures during labor and delivery. While a birth plan is only a guideline for how you would like your baby to be delivered, it can be an extremely useful tool. Not only does a birth plan outline your requests, but it also helps you to become more informed about your options.

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    Creating a Birth Plan

    It is suggested that you begin creating your birth plan in the early stages of pregnancy so you don’t become more stressed later on. You might want to keep a journal before writing your birth plan, so that you can become more in touch with your feelings about pregnancy.

    The first thing you should include is where you want to deliver your baby. If you are considering a hospital, make sure you take into account any policies the hospital has that might impose on your birth plan.


    Finally, if you are having a healthy pregnancy, giving birth at home may be an option you want to consider. However, it is important that you have health care professionals in your area that can come to your home to ensure a safe delivery.

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