Plus Size Yoga: It’s A Big Deal

plus size-yoga2Think yoga is only for no-meat-eating skinny women who look like they’ve never seen fried chicken in years?  Think again. The number of those who are bigger than the norm and practice yoga is growing. With yoga studios popping up all over the country that cater specifically to plus size, it’s a growing business. Which is great, considering yoga has so many health benefits. But, plus-sized yogis face unique challenges when starting a yoga practice.  Here, some plus-sized women and men share their experiences practicing yoga:

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How To Start Yoga If You’re Plus Size

1. Don’t let your size hold you back from doing challenging poses. It’s a mistake to automatically assume that you cannot do certain poses because of your size and as a result, not even attempt them. I’ve had some very large students who did amazing inversions and other advanced poses. As previously mentioned, most poses can be modified for almost any body.