Plus Size Yoga: It’s A Big Deal

    plus size-yoga2Think yoga is only for no-meat-eating skinny women who look like they’ve never seen fried chicken in years?  Think again. The number of those who are bigger than the norm and practice yoga is growing. With yoga studios popping up all over the country that cater specifically to plus size, it’s a growing business. Which is great, considering yoga has so many health benefits. But, plus-sized yogis face unique challenges when starting a yoga practice.  Here, some plus-sized women and men share their experiences practicing yoga:

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    “The hardest thing is starting alone. In your apartment or in a class the first and second time. But the times, they are a-changing. There are very few of us doing this, one day there will be many.”

    “The first class I went to I felt judged and out of place; I was even told I did not “fit”… then I found a class where I was impressed at the difference I felt in my body in just the first week. My flexibility, core strength and balance have all improved steadily. The instructor provides individual attention and modifies poses to make sure each participant is comfortable and able to perform the poses safely. All sizes and ages are welcome; I feel at ease having an instructor who meets us where we are and builds from there based on individual needs. Try classes that offer one on one, if you need to build up confidence before joining a group. I almost forget I am “plus size” and I should mention I have lost 13 pounds in 3 months since starting the class.”


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