Lionel Richie: “Having Kids Changed Me Tremendously”

lionel richie and kidsAs an original member of the legendary group, The Commodores, Lionel Richie helped to craft the “Motown sound” and as a solo artist, the four-time Grammy Award winner gave us life-changing classics (“We Are The World”) and karaoke favorites (“All Night Long”). These days, the 67-year-old music veteran is still touring and mesmerizing crowds, and taking time to reflect on what’s helped to keep him in the game for so long.

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“There’s a word I try to practice in my life called balance and what I use as my equilibrium is my kids,” Richie said in an upcoming episode of Oprah’s Master Class (airs June 22). “They treat me like Dad; they don’t treat me like Lionel Richie. “

Richie’s three children, the most well-known being Nicole Richie, helped to anchor the artist in an industry known for its excess of everything good and bad.