5 Ways To Appreciate Your Body Now

woman putting on heelsIn a culture obsessed with image and improving self on a daily basis, it is quite common for people to lose an appreciation for their bodies. Hundreds of thousands of people hit the gym to have the perfect beach bodies, and many participate in special diets or gimmicky weight-loss programs in order to have the bodies that they desire.

Even though fitness and being health conscious encourages people to be the best they can be, they also have a downside of putting the spotlight on imperfections that may cause insecurity. Working out to shape the body takes time and that process can be very frustrating for those going through it, especially when one doesn’t have such a positive outlook about his/her body to begin with. However, there are things that can be done to bring love and appreciation to the body you are working with today. Here are five things that can be done now to appreciate the skin you are in.

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1. Recite positive affirmations using a mirror.

Positive affirmations are useful in helping to train the mind to remain on the upside of situations. By using uplifting words and phrases to speak love and life into yourself, appreciation for the body you currently have will begin to grow.  These affirmations can be recited in the mind, but speaking them out loud and hearing yourself say these words while looking at your reflection in a mirror will help you have a greater belief in the words you tell yourself. If you don’t already own a long length mirror, purchase one to hang on your bathroom door or on the door of a closet in a room that makes you feel the most comfortable.  Stand in front of that mirror first thing in the morning when you rise and take a full look at yourself from every angle.  Look yourself in the eye and recite any of the following affirmations in whatever order you choose: “ I am beautifully and wonderfully made”, “My body is amazing”, “I am blessed with health and strength”, “My body is healthy and amazing”.  You can create your own affirmations as you go along, just remember to keep the words positive and uplifting and compliment yourself.  Pick out your best features and say positive things about them.