Top 5 Things That Turn Women Off During Sex

couple in bed upset

Women and men are wired differently when it comes to the triggers that spark sexual arousal.  Men are more visually based whereas women are more emotionally and mentally based, requiring mental stimulation in order to become aroused. It may appear that women are always enjoying themselves in the bedroom because of the love faces formed, moist nether regions and sensual moans, but in reality women have moments of lackluster experiences that aren’t often discussed in order to protect the ego of their partners.  The things that turn women off in the bedroom aren’t so apparent, so to help out those men seeking to improve their sexual technique, here are five things that turn women off during sex.

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1. Monotony

A one trick pony makes for an extremely boring show, and this same rule applies to sexual performance. A man that remains in the same stroke pattern and sex position for the duration of the experience will create an atmosphere of boredom and lose the interest of his partner. Switch things up and keep things interesting by remaining in a position for no more than 60 seconds and by varying the stroke pattern. Use a 10 stroke pattern, alternating from five long, slow strokes to five quickened short strokes. The variety will drive her wild!