Allen Payne: “Anything’s Possible”


You’ve probably first seen actor Allen Payne nearly 30 years ago on the “The Cosby Show” playing Lance, an energetic teenager with an incredible smile.  Fast forward to now and the smile is still there, as well as the teenage looks.  Allen has been in movies such as New Jack City, CB4 and has a recurring role on Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”. Payne has managed to age gracefully in Hollywood despite all the horror stories you hear about young actors. Payne continues to workout regularly and keeps his diet disciplined by incorporating a healthy amount of fresh fruits and vegetables into each meal.

But it’s not his diet that’s his secret to aging gracefully, it’s his outlook on life.
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“It’s so rare for someone to have a career and expand over 20 years,” explains Payne. “I don’t know too many Black actors in particular . It’s actually very few. In order to do it you not only have to be very talented. You gotta be really lucky and you have to be diligent and just really blessed and feel like every opportunity to work is a new opportunity. You’re not owed anything in this life and as long as you are connected to The Creator, all things are possible. You have to stay there. If you don’t stay there then it’s almost impossible.”

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Don’t think that Allen Payne hasn’t had his fair share of setbacks. There was a point in his life where Allen seemed to drop off the face of the earth, and for good reason. “After my mother died, I stepped away from acting. I chose to…