All Sleeveless Everything: Best Moves For Toned Arms

woman in sleeveless dressEver since First Lady Michelle Obama revealed her beautiful arms to the public, women across the nation have hit the gym to get their own biceps and triceps into shape.  Some have even gone as far as to go under the knife to get the perfectly toned arms they desire, costing them major dollars to do so.  If sculpted arms are what you’re looking to develop, take a look at these helpful workouts that will set your arms on a journey to being in the best shape they have ever been.

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Pilates Boxing

Standing with your feet a hips-width apart and your knees bent, maintain a neutral spine by hinging forward from the waist. Raise your fists to your shoulders and while keeping the elbows up, box your right hand forward clinching the abs in the process.  Bring the hands to center and switch hands. Box on each side 20 times to feel the burn.