Q&A: How Do You Treat Eczema & Acne Together?

woman with acneQ: Seborrheic eczema and acne are taking over my face. What can I do? – M. Robinson
A: Hygiene issues play a key role in controlling seborrheic dermatitis. Frequent cleansing with soap removes oils from affected areas and improves seborrhea.

Whether it is acne or eczema, most skin disorders have one thing in common: inflammation.

Inflammation can be triggered in one area of the body and show up somewhere else. So far, research tells us that this phenomenon has to do with two factors:

  • The immune system
  • The microorganisms living throughout the body. As it turns out, the microorganisms on the skin play a more important role in the body’s inflammatory signaling than we ever expected.


Once you clear the seborrhea in your scalp your face will probably clear up. Salicylic acid is something you can use on your face. I would suggest you see a dermatologist and get prescription shampoo and ointment for the face. Click here to see what  you should eat: