911! My Relationship Is In Trouble

We all know that one couple who is so in love, inseparable and  the thought of them not being together is inconceivable. Do you ever wonder what leads to the demise of a seemingly loving relationship. Some say money struggles, overbearing inlaws or cheating spouses. The truth is those are symptoms of a deeper problem. John Gottman PH. D. Author of the book “The Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work” says he can listen to a couple for 5 minutes and determine, with 91% accuracy, whether they’ll divorce.

The Crucial 4 “The Four Horsemen”

How can he tell who will split up? There are many indications a marriage is headed for disaster but at the root of Gottman’s research are ” The Four Horsemen.” These are the four things that indicate a marriage is sinking fast: