Why Aren’t New Couples Talking About Condoms? Trojan Has The Answer

couple in bed

Every relationship typically starts off the same: man and woman meet and have an instantaneous connection, sparks fly, conversation is exchanged and after a series of events both people end up in bed releasing oxytocin that creates an even deeper feeling of bonding and love between the two. Before two people even hop in the sack, it is an unspoken understanding that safer sex is going to be practiced, but surprisingly, condom usage isn’t spoken about within the context of a relationship. Eventually, condom use seems to disappear from the monogamous union all together with little to no discussion about the risks involved, and this leaves many medical professionals and sexuality researchers wondering about why the important conversation about contraception never arises.

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It is a fact that condoms prevent unwanted pregnancy by 98 percent and is the only form of contraception that has been proven to reduce one’s chances of contracting STDs when used correctly and consistently, yet, many individuals choose to walk on the wild side and ditch the use of condoms within a relationship based on a blind trust one has for the other. Within the past two years, the number of newly found cases of HIV within the Black community has skyrocketed and the statistics gathered by leading condom brand Trojan explain in part why this may be.