The Best (And Worst) Fast Food Salads

84522051Fast food isn’t the healthiest of options, we all know that.  So, admit it:  when you’re ordering fast food and the little voice in your head says “do better” we order a salad.  But sometimes, that salad could be more detrimental than a small burger.  In fact, some fast-food salads are as high in calories and fat as a double Quarter Pounder with cheese!

Two key ingredients can make or break your fast food salad: chicken (specifically, whether you choose “grilled” or “crispy” style) and salad dressing. Although some fat helps make salad dressing taste good, many fast-food dressings go too far. A serving of blue cheese dressing at Carl’s Jr., for example, adds 320 calories and 34 grams of fat to your salad.

Below are some of the best and worst salad options at the 10 top fast food chains. The “best” salads were those with the least saturated fat; the “worst” salads had the highest levels of saturated fat, total fat, and/or calories.

Before we begin, a quick tip for all you fast food salad eaters: eat only half a pack of dressing with some of these salads. This will decrease your calorie and fat intake).

Best Fast Food Salads