Well-Groomed: The Truth About Manscaping

shirtless man in hat

We all have our preferences about body hair, and there seems to be much discussion in social media lately about men and their hairiness! Personally, I don’t mind a well-groomed man. I believe that if I have to keep myself clean and shaven, why shouldn’t my guy? I guess the summer’s heat has gotten women in a frenzy and now many men are taking to Instagram with what they are calling “mankini” waxes. It’s a beautiful thing when men see how much work it is for us women to keep ourselves together. The time, energy and PAIN!

On a more serious note, there are many benefits to men keeping themselves clean and shaven:

Gym Biohazard

If you are a gym rat, shaving your armpits may surprisingly be your newest favorite thing. The hair under the arms will likely make you sweat more, which will in turn make you smell more. The hair is also not the cleanest under there. After a few good weight lifts you are breaking a sweat, and the hair will hold on to that odor all day until you get a thorough cleaning.