Janelle Monae: “You Can’t Be Afraid To Fail”

janellmShe’s a singer, performer, a Cover Girl, an activist and an artist–all that balled up into one tiny little package that stands at five feet even.  But that doesn’t stop the high-energy performer from selling out shows and being an inspiration to working class women everywhere. As a matter of fact, it’s the working class that she aims for with each and everything that she does. Those hard workers just like you and me.

Below she breaks down why she does what she does.

On Staying Healthy On The Road
“I do a lot of heavy sweating up on stage,” explain Monae. “We do 90-minute shows — I’m moving around and it’s very high-energy. That often becomes my workout, just performing and being onstage. I guess you can say I exercise a lot, but really, I don’t realize I’m getting a workout while I’m dancing onstage because I’m always having so much fun. I try to keep a healthy, balanced diet on the road, though it can sometimes be hard. I try to eat a lot of salads while I’m traveling, but when I need a light, fluffy snack, I reach for my pita chips and hummus.”

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