Doctor Awarded $1 Million Dollars To Make Cancer Treatment Less Harmful

doctor nicoleIn almost every medical breakthrough, there comes a time where a major decision that was made that changes the trajectory of medical research. Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green is at the center of that life-changing breakthrough.

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green is one of less than 100 black women physicists in the U.S. An assistant professor at Tuskegee University, Dr. Green was recently awarded a $1.1 million grant to develop a cancer treatment involving lasers and nanoparticles.

In a recent profile of Dr. Green in, she explained that though she’s extremely busy working as an assistant professor at Tuskegee University and conducting much-needed cancer treatment research, she rarely declines an invitation to speak to professional groups, nonprofit organizations and schools.

“Usually if there is an invitation to speak at a forum like that, I accept it because I feel like it’s a responsibility,” she said. “There are so few of us (black women in STEM fields) I don’t feel like I have the luxury to say I’m too busy.”