Tracee Ellis Ross: A Natural On Screen & Off

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“I think she looks most beautiful in the morning when she wakes up with no makeup on…it’s my favorite look on women. I personally like the way skin looks without makeup. People cover up the imperfections, but I think they’re beautiful. I also love that when you have a feeling, you see it in your skin.” These are powerful words spoken by THEE Tracee Ellis Ross as she reminisces on having watched her mother’s daily morning makeup routine.

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Tracee is very open about how she prefers a very natural look on and off screen. She often boasts that her routine is so simple that she can do it herself. She says she loves her role on “Black-ish,” as it captures this side of her perfectly. “My character is a mother of four, and a doctor, and a wife, who would not have time to be putting on eyeshadow or curling her lashes. When I’m in bed, I do not have mascara on—that’s a pet peeve of mine in television, when people wake up in bed and have glossy lips. It’s confusing to me.”

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I love this about Tracee  – she is so down to earth and real! I think we all kind of question the necessity of the actresses waking up looking like they just came off of a Victoria’s Secret runway. It’s not reality!

Makiage, more specifically their blush, was apparently the first brand of makeup that Tracee’s mother allowed her to play in. And still to this day Tracee loves a bit of blush on her face, and specifically loves Fleur Power from Mac. Here is a rundown on here other faves: