‘Baby Buns’ From Viral Pregnancy Video Celebrates New Milestones

baby buns graves

Dana Griffin-Graves and her husband Arkell Graves welcomed their son Kaleb at only 24 weeks on October 20 via an emergency C-section. Their initial video of Dana telling her husband she was pregnant quickly went viral.

Even though the journey has been rough while Kaleb, nicknamed “Baby Buns” is still in the hospital, the family keeps all those who are praying and sending warm thoughts, prayers and even gifts to help the couple who endured FOUR miscarriages and one still birth to bring forth this miracle baby.

But recently, on their facebook page, the family shares some great milestones that shows how Kaleb is growing stronger day after day.

“The little guy continues to grow, weighing 3 pounds 6 ounces, up from the mere 13 ounces he weighed when he was born,” it says on their official facebook page.

“We never know the plans God has for our life.
We never know our strength until we are faced with adversities and we never know the impact we make until we know and understand our purpose.
Can you believe, Kaleb “BabyBuns” turns 3 months today. We reflect on how much he has accomplished, from 13 oz to 3 lbs 9 oz and drinking 1 oz (30 ml) every 3 hours. God has been faithful with His promise and Kaleb has proven he is true fighter!
On Jan. 25th Poppa & MommaBuns will be featured on the ‘RachelRay Show’ to discuss the viral video and Kaleb’s progress. We are humbled by this and grateful for each of you.”