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    Prayers Up! Gospel Singer Fred Hammond Has Eye Surgery

    fred hammondThe morning of January 28, 2016, Fred Hammond announced that he was going into surgery for his right eye. The award-winning gospel singer and songwriter said that the surgery was to reattach his cornea.

    Retinal detachment is a serious eye condition that occurs when the retina becomes separated from the wall of the eye and its supportive underlying tissue. The retina cannot function when these two layers are detached, and without prompt treatment, permanent vision loss may occur. Retinal detachment can occur from injury to the eye or face, or from very high levels of nearsightedness.

    Patients with retinal detachment may experience a blind spot, blurred vision or shadows forming in their peripheral vision. Other symptoms may include an increase in flashes and floaters. It is important to see your doctor at the first sign of symptoms in order to minimize the damage caused by this condition.

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    But even with such a high rate of success for surgery, it is important to act quickly. The longer you wait to have surgery, the lower the chances that good vision will be restored. When the retina loses contact with its supporting layers, vision begins to get worse. An ophthalmologist who specializes in retinal detachments will usually do surgery within a few days of your being diagnosed with a detachment.

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    How soon you need surgery usually depends on whether the retinal detachment has or could spread far enough to affect central vision. When the macula, the part of the retina that provides central vision, loses contact with the layer beneath it, it quickly loses its ability to process what the eye sees.

    Fred also mentions that his left eye was already done. And makes mention that his right eye will be out of commission for about two weeks following surgery.

    Hundreds of fans have already started pouring into Fred’s periscope to say that they are praying for him and wishing him well.

    Here’s to a speedy recovery Fred! We’re praying for you!

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