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    4 Very Odd Beauty Routine Remixes

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    Before you go digging into your friend’s medicine cabinet and pass judgment on her daily routine, take into consideration that some products serve more than one purpose. We all know there are multiple uses for things like vinegar, peroxide, baking soda and Vaseline, but have you heard about these:

    Preparation H

    Preparation H isn’t just for hemorrhoids. This over-the-counter ointment has been regarded as one of the best-kept secrets among older women with wrinkle-free skin. Preparation H has become increasingly popular in the fitness industry as well, particularly among those who use plastic wraps to temporarily shrink, or remove excess water from, their waistlines. According to ABC News, the phenylephrine HCL ingredient shrinks the tissue and tightens the muscles wherever Preparation H is applied. Because the active ingredient works by constricting blood vessels, those with high blood pressure are advised to refrain from using Preparation H beyond its intended use.

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    Milk of Magnesia
    You prime your face with what?! Many celebrity makeup artists use the popular laxative Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia, better known as magnesium hydroxide, as a makeup primer. They swear by it and depend on its oil-absorbing properties to help their clients’ makeup last throughout the long hours they endure in the entertainment industry. Word is, Beyonce’s makeup artist, Billy B. Van, learned this tip from Beyonce and uses this technique while applying her makeup for concerts. Don’t worry. Your flawless makeup job won’t send you running to the nearest bathroom. The major concern here is making sure that you only use Milk of Magnesia if you have oily skin. Using this product as a primer on dry skin can have damaging side effects, including redness and flaky skin.

    Anti Monkey Butt
    With a name like “Anti Monkey Butt” it’s not the easiest product to purchase without getting a few side eyes. But the benefits are worth the few minutes of awkwardness. The Anti Monkey Butt powder was created by dirt bike riders and racers who couldn’t find a product that soothed and healed their “monkey butt” woes. Monkey butt, a popular term used among motorcycle riders, is the soreness, itching and redness that often occurs after riding and sweating on a motorcycle for hours. While the calamine-infused powder seems to be more popular among parents who are looking to prevent chafing and diaper rashes, there is a “high-performance body powder” formulated for women and men who work hard and play hard. This powder is a must-have for athletes, fitness enthusiast and anyone else looking to stay dry.

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    Are you wondering why your gym buddy, who never wears makeup, is always carrying a jar of makeup remover in her gym bag? Well, if you’re familiar with Sweet Sweat, you might find it interesting to learn that this particular makeup remover is also used to induce sweat. Long before Sweet Sweat, professional athletes were covering themselves in Albolene and hitting the sauna to drop those last few pounds of water weight to make weigh-ins for their competition. Not only does Albolene enhance sweat production, it’s also a great moisturizer and as some may claim, anti-aging product. It’s been proven to be strong enough to remove theater makeup, yet gentle enough to leave skin soft and moisturized.

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