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    Steve Harvey: “Cussing Keeps You Young!”

    We all know at least one.

    That one older person who curses like a sailor and doesn’t care who hears it.  Well, in a funny behind-the-scenes segment, Steve Harvey loves it.

    When Steve Harvey spotted Ms. Nelson from Virginia sitting in the front row of his crowd of his award-winning talk show, he stepped right out of the spotlight to have an adorable chat with her. Dressed in a crown and sash declaring her age proudly, Ms. Nelson wasn’t shy about letting Mr. Harvey and the rest of the world know that she is avid watcher of the show and is happy to be 100 years old (100 plus 3 days as a matter of fact).

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    In response, Harvey is stunned and insists, “Girl, you ain’t no 100… 62, you got to be about 62!”

    Ms. Nelson and her family are clearly just as delighted as the host as he continues to flirt with the centenarian. Harvey asks if she ever cusses and explains that when he gets to be her age, he plans on “cussing all the time,” claiming that it keeps you young!

    “See, people that cuss, don’t have ulcers or anything like that, because they let it out,” claims Harvey.

    Watch more of the hilarious interaction above.

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