5 Road Trip Must-Haves For Cross Country Travel With Kids

African American family in car road tripIn just a matter of days, I’ll load up my Dodge Nitro – trailer attached – and trek it cross country from VA to AZ with my two minions in tow.

While in the back of my mind I’m dreading a rotation of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Adele’s “25,” on the flip side, having completed a handful of these long distance moves over the years I’ve compiled a list of ways to survive hitting the highway (for long periods of time) with little ones.

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Among those things is a list of must-have “carry-ons” consisting of…

1. Backpack/suitcase – Fill your child’s bag(s) to the brim with their favorite picks: books, coloring supplies, stickers, a deck of cards, a special treat (or two), and what I call a “piece of home” such as a stuffed animal and a wild card – something they just can’t live without.