What You Need To Know About Lung Cancer

An x-ray of a chest with a orange tumor

The diagnosis of lung cancer brings with it many questions and a need for
clear, understandable answers. We hope this National Cancer Institute (NCI)
booklet (NIH Publication No. 99-1553) will help. It provides information about
some causes and ways to prevent lung cancer, and it describes the symptoms,
detection, diagnosis, and treatment of this disease. Having this important
information can make it easier for patients and their families to handle the
challenges they face.

Cancer research has led to progress against
lung cancer — and our knowledge is increasing. Researchers continue to look for
better ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat lung cancer. The Cancer
Information Service and the other NCI resources listed under “National Cancer
Institute Information Resources” can provide the latest, most accurate
information on lung cancer. Publications mentioned in this book and others are
available from the Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER. Many NCI
publications are also available on the Internet at the Web sites listed in the
“National Cancer Institute Information Resources” section at the end of this

Words that may be new to readers appear in italics. Definitions of
these and other terms related to lung cancer can be found in the Dictionary. For
some words, a “sounds-like” spelling is also given.

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Understanding the
Cancer Process