Kettlebell Workout For Strength & Flexibility With The Exercise Habit Coach [VIDEO]

If you’ve been looking for a fun way to combine your cardio and strength training, kettlebell training may be the workout for you! In this video, certified kettlebell trainer Dre “The Exercise Habit Coach” Everett shows you how to work your core, and gain strength and flexibility with moves you can do from the comfort of your home.


Dre Dre's Diesel Dome D3The Exercise Habit Coach, Dre Nichols-Everett is Hardstyle and Russian Kettlebell certified through Dragon Door. She is the founder of D3: Dre’s Diesel Dome Fitness, a group fitness boutique in the South Loop section of Chicago, IL that specializes in helping members make exercise a consistent lifestyle habit. You can work with Dre “AT THE DOME”, in her group fitness studio or “AT HOME”, from anywhere in the world. Visit for more information. 


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