Janet Jackson: Ready For Motherhood

(photo credit: weheartjanetjackson instagram)

(photo credit: weheartjanetjackson instagram)

This week, superstar Janet Jackson was spotted for the first time with her beautiful pregnant belly. It’s been nearly four months since the singer revealed she was pregnant.

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“She’s doing very well,” Janet’s older brother Tito told PEOPLE.com. “She’s taking it easy. [She’s] hoping for a healthy baby.”

“Janet is very well pregnant,” Tito continued. “She’s doing very well. She’s taking it easy. As you know, she’s off tour. She’s protecting her health.”

“I couldn’t tell you [when she’s due], but I know she’s hoping for a healthy baby,” he added. “She doesn’t know what she’s going to have — a boy or a girl — but she just wants a healthy baby.”