My Story: “Losing All My Excuses Helped Me”


Lori is a busy entrepreneur and parent. Both of which take a lot of time and energy out of your day. But it wasn’t until her trip that she decided to do something about her health and energy. What she discovered was a new, re-energized person that was always there, but she just had to change her lifestyle in order to change her life. Here’s how Lori did it in her own words:

“My deciding factor for losing weight was returning home from a girlfriend vacation I took to Myrtle Beach,” explains Lori. “I was disappointed with my photos and decided I needed to focus and get serious about starting my weight loss journey. My smile was forced, and my self-esteem had been lost. I had tried and failed consistently for the last 10 years and covered up the fat with cute clothes and shoes, it was time for a change.”

“I have currently lost over 80 pounds, from a size 16 to a size 6/8 in a little over a year (beginning in July 2016). I have grown stronger both mentally and spiritually in addition to physically. I never even owned a pair of gym shoes prior to starting my journey, now I’m proud to say that fitness gear consists of 85% of my wardrobe.”