6 Fruits Bloating Your Belly


Sliced fruitFruits are supposed to be the healthy option. These are the foods our fitness trainers and physicians want us to eat more of for a more balanced diet. These foods are the go-to when we crave a bag of chips or the delicious cookie dough in the fridge.

But, just because fruits are packed with all the right nutrients for the body, doesn’t mean they come without their fair share of side effects – one being BLOATING.

Fruits are packed with sugar – fructose and sorbitol – and fiber. Each of these ingredients is ripe for bloating and gassiness. This doesn’t mean you should stop eating them. Continue consuming these treats, but perhaps while drinking water or chewing more before swallowing.

Here’s a list of the fruits to blame if you’re feeling bloated:


It’s hard for some people to digest fructose – the sugar that can lead to bloating and gas. And, of course, watermelon contains high levels of the sugar. Beware.