Is A Stent Right For You? Questions Heart Patients Should Know To Ask

StentsIn the last 20 years, treatment options have proven so commonplace and effective in treating coronary artery disease (CAD), the most common type of heart disease, that many patients spend little time asking doctors about treatment advances and benefits. They instead limit their questions to economic or logistical matters, but an equally important question that should be asked is how quickly they can get back to their daily lives.

In fact, a recent Harris survey showed that most Americans have little information about stents until they develop CAD. So what are the other questions that patients should be asking? What are the latest developments in stent technology? What benefits do these advances offer patients? Who are the best candidates?

To answer these questions, spoke with Dr. Colin Barker of Houston Methodist Hospital and his CAD patient/stent recipient Shawna Dukes. Dukes, who is one of more than 15 million Americans living with CAD, eventually learned the right questions to ask and found the stent to be life saving. Here is what you or your loved one should know to make an informed decision when it comes to heart health. What is a stent?