Jaleel White On Family Matters, Turning 40 & Fatherhood

jaleel-coverYes, you heard right; little “Steve Urkel” is turning 40. Most of us remember the lovable nerd character on the long-running hit show, “Family Matters.” Actor Jaleel White, who brought that character to life is now turning 40 and we’re wondering where did the time go?

Yes, we are that old, lol.

White has been acting since the age of four. Before “Family Matters, White was actually cast in the role of “Rudy” on the Cosby Show. The character was originally intended to be male but was replaced by Keshia Knight Pulliam when Bill Cosby decided to mirror his television family after his real life family.

White originally appeared on “Family Matters” as a guest star at age 12, but his one-time appearance boosted the ratings and he landed a permanent role on the show – making his catchphrase, “Did I do that?” a common saying in American homes during the late 80s and 90s.