Mac & Cheese: Facts You Don’t Want To Know…But Should

Beakers and tubes filled with colorful chemicalsWhat exactly is in that delicious, piping hot bowl of creamy macaroni and cheese? This depends…is it the boxed or homemade version? If it’s the former…you may not want to know what you’re about to eat.

But you really need to.

Ever heard of Yellow Dye #5 and Yellow Dye #6? They’re what give boxed macaroni that bright orange-yellow color. They are also two potentially harmful chemicals.

Also known as Tartrazine and Sunset Yellow respectively, both yellow dyes are man-made chemicals derived from petroleum, which is a crude oil.

These yellow dyes already been banned in countries like Norway and Austria and are linked to a host of disturbing side-effects like asthma, eczema and migraines, in addition to hyperactivity and learning impairments in children. The Center for Science in the Public Interest reports that both dyes are also contaminated with known carcinogens.