Twin Doctors TV Takes Us To Nigeria, The Magical Land Of Twins [VIDEO]

Twin Doctors TV’s The Globe on Call  explores the phenomenon of twinning in Igbo-Ora. Igbo-Ora is a small village in the south of Nigeria that many refer to as the “Twin Capital of The World.” Igbo-Ora has earned the title “Twin Capital of The World” because there are more twins per capita in Igbo-Ora than anywhere else in the world. In Igbo-Ora, there are twins literally EVERYWHERE!

But why?

Is it genetics? Is it the food? Or is it the will of the Gods? Well, after Dr. J and Dr. I did Ancestry DNA kits and found out that they themselves are part Nigerian, they decided to go to Nigeria on a journey of self-discovery to find out. What they discovered was amazing!

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