Think Before Tweezing These 4 Places

African American woman holding tweezersIf you are pluck happy person like myself, it’s important to get wake up calls like this one to let you know when to say no! Seeing random hair in random places on your body is certainly the perfect time to pull out those fancy tweezers you have. I mean you bought them for this very reason right!? Well, according to many dermatologists it is not always the smartest idea to start pulling out hair just because it seems like a strange place for it to grow.

Tweezing hair pulls not only the hair shaft out from the skin, but the root as well. According to dermatologist Josua Zeichner, M.D., “While there may be some degree of inflammation in the hair follicle from tweezing, generally tweezing is not considered a form of permanent hair removal and a new hair will be produced. You can traumatize or scar your skin, causing permanent damage in the area.” So be careful. You don’t want a little bit of hair gone to leave you with a permanent big scar.

It’s particularly important to proceed with caution when you start removing hairs from particular areas that are just simply more sensitive than others.

1. Eyebrows