Does Makeup Have An Expiration Date?

woman putting on mascara( – We know. It feels like you just bought that lipstick or foundation yesterday, and it’s such a beautiful color on you. But despite the urge you may have to keep all your favorite beauty products until every tube, tin, and bottle is empty, all makeup does have an expiration date that you should pay close attention to. Ignoring those dates can expose your skin to bacteria in old products that can cause skin irritations, rashes and acne breakouts.

Isn’t Makeup Designed to Last a Long Time?

Unlike products like acne medication and sunscreen, most makeup products don’t have the expiration dates printed right on the containers. While most cosmetics are formulated to last several years, environmental elements that makeup comes in contact with care reduce that time to just a few months.

How Do I Know When To Throw My Makeup Away?

To help you figure out when to get rid of whatever’s been sitting at the bottom of your makeup bag, here’s a list of cosmetics and their approximate expiration dates. Make it a habit to mark time-to-toss dates on makeup containers, add them to your calendar, or set e-mail or mobile reminders so you don’t forget. Also, if you’re using all-natural products that are free from chemical preservatives, you’ll need to shave off some more time from the estimates below to be safe.