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    Health Secrets Every Woman Should Know

    Postpartum symptoms can begin long after you give birth. Studies show, in fact, that postpartum can manifest itself up to a year later. If you feel anxious, sad, withdrawn, etc., don’t blame it on lack of sleep or simply making the transition into mommy-hood. Get to a doctor soon to discuss your symptoms.

    Wear a panty-liner during exercise. Sweaty workout pants are a breeding ground for bacteria. Either shower and change right after your workout, or wear a liner to help keep things under control until you can.

    Know your breast density. Mammograms are likely to miss tumors in women who have dense breast tissue (because it shows up white, just like a mass would). Yet only 9 percent of doctors discuss breast density with their patients. Dense breasts also might make it more difficult to ID a suspicious lump during a self exam. If you have a family history of breast cancer, ask your doc if you should have imaging done to determine your breast density. If you are dense-chested, have her mark it in your file. When the time comes, you may be better off having an ultrasound (or other imaging) as opposed to a mammogram.

    And remember: We women have a lot on our minds! So maximize the benefits of your next appointment by jotting down your concerns, and bringing the list with you to the office. Fire away the minute you have the doc’s attention.


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