Soul Vegetarian: Celebrating Health, Transforming Life

A basket of spring vegetables( — Soul Vegetarian is Life. Soul Vegetarian Restaurant is the aspiration of spiritual and philosophical inspiration. Guided by the principles of the Village of Peace Community in Dimona, Israel, Soul Vegetarian has imbued the holistically plant based precepts of the worlds largest and longest lived vegan community into healthy soul food designed which promote environmental accountability and nutritional empowerment. Over 3,000 men, women, and children have dedicated themselves to the practice of a spiritually based naturalism, well before the trends of green had made veganism cool or even accepted.

In doing so, they have transformed a community of people, traditionally beset by diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma, and other preventative maladies, into a vibrant, affliction free social system that have learned to eat to live, rather than living to eat.

Borne of a four decade long commitment to vegan excellence, Soul Vegetarian expanded to Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington D.C in 1982, and in Tallahassee, FL in 1995 in an effort to bring healthy, nourishing and whole food options to these cities.

Soul Vegetarian has prided itself on leading the way regarding personal, social, and global health. Now, as the links between diet, dis-ease, and the health of the environment becomes evident, we are proud to continue to share with our valued customers foods rich in taste and nutrition, yet low in carbon footprint. It is becoming clearer by the day, that our food choices affect more than ourselves, but in fact every living thing on this planet.

We are honored to provide our valued customers, with high quality plant based cuisine that allows us to continue to serve our objectives of service and sustainability. In every Soul Vegetarian dish that is prepared, we intend to share the international legacy of vegan excellence that provides the framework for our love of life itself and the maintenance of the life we love.