Beyonce Gives Birth To Baby Girl

    beyonce black dress pregnant1 Beyonce Gives Birth To Baby Girl( — Well, it looks like 2012 is starting off beautifully for celebrity couple Beyonce and Jay-Z.

    After weeks of much speculation and rumor whirlwinds, pop megastar Beyonce Knowles, 30, gave birth Saturday to a baby girl at a hospital in New York City, according to media reports.

    Jay-Z allegedly told friends he and Beyonce had named their daughter Blue Ivy Carter (though there was much media confusion as to whether the baby’s
    name is Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue, neither of which has been confirmed by either star). According to reports, the couple chose
    “Ivy” because of the
    significance of the number “4” or “IV,” — Beyonce and Jay-Z were born
    on Sept. 4 and Dec. 4, respectively, were married on April 4, 2008, and
    Beyonce’s latest album is entitled 4. Also, Jay-Z’s favorite color is blue.

    Mother and baby were both “doing fine,” the Houston Chronicle reported as it broke the news, which was later confirmed by entertainment news website E! Online.

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