Obese-Proof Your Home

A man's feet on a scale

(BlackDoctor.org) — Helping children slim down has become a serious public health challenge, but it’s the habits and practices at home that often determine whether a child becomes obese.

Excess weight, once considered cuddly ‘baby fat,’ can start your child on the path to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, cardiovascular conditions and other diseases.

Now, Australian researchers have more information on how parents can help ”obese proof” the home. They evaluated what they call the ”obesogenic” potential of households. They did this by examining the relationship between variable factors such as fast food meals and availability of soft drinks with children’s eating habits, TV viewing, and physical activity.

A combination of these habits can make a profound difference. The triple whammy is to get fast food takeout, then go home and eat it in front of the television late in the evening, when it’s hard to get any physical activity after the family meal.