Senior Fitness: It’s Never Too Late

senior couple riding a bike( — People of every age can benefit from exercise. Unfortunately, many seniors feel discouraged by fitness obstacles, such as health problems, bone and joint issues, or lack of current physical knowledge – there’s no doubt that fitness programs aren’t what they used to be 40, or even 20, years ago.

That said, no one can afford to not be physically active. Exercise can help you manage illness, stay strong and energetic, and even help reverse some of the symptoms of aging.

Seniors might have a hard time starting and getting used to a program that includes cardio, strength training and balance, but whether you are generally healthy, or are managing an illness – even if you’re housebound – there are many easy ways to get your body moving, and improve your overall health.

Here are some safe fitness tips for seniors:

Take The Stairs. Giving up the elevator or escalator for the stairs is a great way to help burn calories, build strength and endurance, and gain balance. If you have a problem knee, lead with your good side going up, and lead with your not-so-good side going down.