How Much Should I Weigh?

woman standing on a scale( — We watch our portions. We limit our sugar. We eat more fruits and veggies. We drink more water. We work out more often.

But after all this hard work, it’s still typicall for most of us to wonder the same thing…what’s our ultimate goal? How much should we weigh?

BDO’s newest member to our expert team, Amia Freeman, weighs in on the confusing topic…

Q: Dear Amia,

I had a question about my weight. I am a little over 5’2″ and weigh 145. What should my weight be for my age of 43? I am medium boned, and very muscular. I do not have a workout plan, but do yoga once a week. Jan 4th I weighed 186, now I’m down to 145. While I still weigh a lot, I wear a size 4. Should I lose another ten pounds? Thanks for your help! – Rachelle