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    7 At-Home Health Checks To Do Right Now

    5. Your Teeth

    Many people don’t realize the importance of a dental checkup. Oral hygiene and checkups are vital because dental problems can often be a sign of other health-related problems tied to the heart, lungs, digestive system, or other parts of the body. Dental checkups can also give dentists the opportunity to check for early signs of oral cancer.

    What To Do: Are there any abnormal bumps in your mouth, not just inside your cheeks? Your teeth don’t have to hurt to have something wrong with them.  Take a look at your gums, do they bleed while you sleep?  Also examine your breath, it can be a sign of something going on with your health.

    6. Your Skin

    You should be in the habit of checking your skin at least once a month to look for changing moles or non-healing lesions. A melanoma, which can be fatal, may begin as something so seemingly innocent as a slightly darkened mole, so a simple self-exam of the skin can alert you that you need to go to a dermatologist for a full screening.

    What To Do: Is your skin naturally dry?  You could not be drinking enough water.  What about your fingernails: are they cracking or discolored?  Also, be prepared for long days in the sun by using sunscreen (yes, Black folks need sunscreen too).

    7. Your Home

    Don’t forget to also check your surroundings—it indicates health issues and even save your life. To live a healthier lifestyle, it is extremely important to maintain a ‘healthy home’ and be aware of toxins and other irritants that can exist in your living space and make you feel unhealthy.

    If you notice headaches, congestion, respiratory irritation, asthma, or allergies, you should have your home tested for mold, allergens, and chemicals. Molds, for example, can produce spores, mycotoxins, and MVOCs (chemicals produced by mold), which can give you an array of symptoms and cause you to feel unwell.

    Monitor such conditions every few years to every year to see if your home is within safe limits. You can even try a DIY mold test kit of your own.

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