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    Stay Awake, Caffeine-Free!

    Split your meals into smaller but more frequent portions, says Young. Eating only hefty lunch and dinner portions results in huge spikes in your blood-sugar levels, followed by large crashes in energy.

    4. Light Exercise Breaks

    Take a break and take a walk or do a couple jumping jacks to get your blood moving. Even the slightest bit of exercise can act as a healthy way to energize your mind and body.

    5. Listen To High-Energy Music

    Not only does great music give you that near-magical second wind or extra kick when you are exercising, it also boosts your mood and energy during regular tasks. In fact, some research even revealed workers who listened to great classical music experienced increased productivity and creativity.

    6. Try To Keep A Regular Sleep Schedule

    It goes without saying, but hey, it helps. You can also take a 10 to 15-minute power nap if you get drowsy. Naps work wonders. Really.

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