How To Break Your Worst Eating Habits

bowl of fresh fruit( — A few too many sodas, a little too much candy…there are just so many temptations that are readily available to destroy just about anyone’s healthy eating goals, right? Well, thankfully, bad eating habits actually can be broken.

Let’s identify common bad eating habits, as well as easy solutions to help you eat better every day:

The Perpetual Snacker

The problem: You may end up overeating. A healthy snack or two between meals is fine. Snacks can keep blood sugar steady as well as allow you to rack up more servings of fruits and vegetables. “It’s when you snack in place of eating real meals that you’re more likely to lose track of how much you’re eating,” says Tara Gidus, R.D., an Orlando, Florida–based spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Of course, what you eat matters, too. Typical snack foods (chips, cookies, pretzels) aren’t that nutritious or satisfying, so it’s easy to overdo them.