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    Fast Food In Hospitals? Say What?!

    “In this day and age, when you would think a hospital might be proud enough, if not shamed enough, to cut or end these contracts with fast food outlets, there were actually some out there that had as many as five fairly egregious fast food outlets,” Levin said.

    For Levin, the broader problem is within the hospital itself. While she observes more and more places adding nutritious meals to their menus, she said most efforts aren’t happening fast enough.

    “If hospitals have a healthful option, oftentimes we found that there was also something that was incredibly unhealthful,” Levin said. “When I say fried chicken bar, I’m not even kidding. That was in a hospital.”

    The problem is fast food can be comforting to families of patients and patients themselves. It is also a reliable food service for hospital workers, whose schedules have them eating at all hours of the day. Also, McDonald’s claims that they don’t only serve fatty fries and greasy burgers. A spokesperson stated, “Today, we offer more variety than ever in our menu and we trust that our customers will make the appropriate choices for them, their families and lifestyles.

    So what’s your take? Do you think fast food should be removed from hospitals?

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