The Best Eyewear For Sport, Fashion & Vision

A smiling man wearing a golf hat and holding a golf clubGlasses and shades can give you an instant cool, glamorous, or rock star swagger these days, but they are much more than a fashion accessory.

Eyewear is also an essential tool in safeguarding the health of your eyes and its surrounding tissue. Here are a few tips for choosing eyewear that will protect your eyes and match your lifestyle.

Risky Games

1. Polycarbonate Lenses

A racquetball travels between 100 and 150 mph. Imagine the force of that ball hitting you in the eye! Your best protection is sports frames with polycarbonate plastic lenses. They’re 10 times stronger than other materials. Sports with the most eye injuries include all racket sports, baseball/softball, ice hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. Protective eyewear could prevent 90% of sports-related eye injuries.