Winter Eczema: Is It You Or The Weather?

smiling african american woman standing outside in the winter

( — If you suffer from eczema, it may seem that your problems get worse in the winter. You may figure it has something to do with the weather. You could be right because cold, dry air can play a role in flare ups. But, then again, the weather may not be the only changes that have occurred and what you are doing could be causing more problems than the low temperatures.

Outdoor Activities

Warm seasons are generally associated with outdoor activities, but some people spend a lot of time outside in the fall and winter. Those who work outdoors probably have little choice. Then, there are household tasks such as tending to fall gardens, raking leaves, and shoveling snow, that also needs to be done. There are also activities that you may want to do, such as sledding, ice skating, and attending football games.

What you need to realize is that the more time you spend outside, the more you increase your chances of aggravating your eczema, especially if you don’t take measure to counteract the conditions you are exposing yourself to.