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    Do Carbs + Fats = The Deadliest Meal?

    There’s a pairing that you may not be aware of that could lead to a terrible scenario: high levels of blood sugar and fat within the blood simultaneously. The culprit? Significant amounts of carbohydrates and fats in any one meal may just be a dangerous combination.

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    The Cons

    Carbohydrate ingestion triggers a release of insulin response, while fat ingestion raises blood lipid (fat) levels. Avoiding this combination will allow you to lose weight more quickly. This translates into increased calorie-burning muscle retention – a very welcomed benefit while dieting.

    To successfully implement this strategy, eat protein with every meal coupled with either carbs or fat, but not both. For added benefit, eat carbs with your morning meals and snacks, and then avoid them in the evening by making the switch to protein-and- fat meals later in the day.

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