Men & Women’s Beauty Products: Is There Really A Difference?

A man using a handheld mirror to examine his skin( — You probably began learning at an early age that men and women are the same type of creatures but are of different breeds. In many instances what works for one simply does not work well for the other. However, when it comes to beauty products there are instances where the gender division is unnecessary and results in unnecessary spending.

Here are some examples:

Facial Products

There definitely are differences between men and women’s skin. Generally, men have thicker skin with larger pores and are more prone to oiliness. They also commonly deal with razor bumps and it is believed that the collagen in their skin breaks down quicker. However, research also suggests that women are more susceptible to sun damage. Considering this, gender specific products are needed right?

Not really. When selecting facial care products, the first and most important factor to consider is skin type. For example, it is not advisable for a female with dry skin to share facial products with someone who has oily skin. The ingredients needed to deal with oiliness will aggravate dryness and the reverse is also true. However, if both people have the same skin type, say sensitive or combination, then a single line of quality products is a definite money saving go as long as there aren’t any special needs involved.